Becker Scholarships

Becker Professional Education is very excited to announce a special offer available for UHD students and alumni.  If you register and sign up to purchase Becker by 5/31/2017, you can receive 50% off the regular price 4-part Becker CPA Exam Review Course- a savings of nearly $1,700! Plus, students may choose to use our 0% financing to spread payments over 18 months.


·         Paying for the course out of pocket (Does not have an offer with a firm that pays for  the course.)

·         Complete the survey below by 5/5/17

·         Redeem Scholarship and purchase course by 5/31/17 (Scholarship can be paired with our 0% financing)

To receive a scholarship, you need to complete a one minute survey by clicking the following link:

You will then receive an email with instructions on how to redeem the 50% scholarship so long as you meet the eligibility requirements listed above.

There is no obligation to purchase the course by completing the survey. Please contact Ashley Georgulis with any questions at: