Greetings PAS Members!

Upcoming Events

What was going to be the PAS’ busiest week yet, has a few cancellations.  The Excel Workshop is postponed until further notice due to severe weather.  We will send an email blast out to our members with an update when we confirm the new date and time.  The BKD event has also been cancelled.  This decision was made by BKD themselves.  Tax season has made their office hectic and they felt our members would benefit more next semester.  Though we have a couple of cancellations, we have other events coming up.  The Sporting Event takes place this Friday!  We have employee’s from Briggs & Veselka and RSM joining us for a little friendly competition.  Don’t miss out on the fun opportunity to mingle with CPA’s.  Presentations for leadership applicants will be April 27th at 7pm.   We have also began planning for the End of Year Event.  Stay tuned for more information.

Event Calendar

Excel Workshop       TBD

Sporting Event          22nd
Main Building

Candidate                  27th

End of Year               16th
Spaghetti Warehouse

Excel Workshop Cancelled!

Due to severe weather, UHD Campus is closed and all classes have been cancelled. The Excel Workshop is in the process of confirming a new date and time for the event.  As of now, we ask you to stay dry and safe in your homes and we will let you know when we will be able to proceed with the event.

BKD Visit has been Cancelled!

Tax season is crazy season for public accounting firms.  This is their most busy time of year and can get a little hectic.  That being said,  BKD requested that we postpone this visit for Fall.  We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Look forward to BKD’s visit along with other firms, next semester!

PAS Elections

 Deadline to submit applications has been extended till April the 22nd.  Please email the application with your transcript to  PAS will hold elections for the 2016 Fall Semester within the coming weeks.  All positions will begin for the Fall. To be qualified for these positions, you must have a 2.5 GPA and at least 2 semesters left.   Selected candidates will give presentations on why they want the position and their goals and plans for their term on April 27th. More information regarding time and campus room number will become available soon. Elections will take place shortly after on a website that will be determined and controlled by our faculty adviser. 

Candidates Running for positions so far can be seen below. Applications will still be accepted for ALL positions.

President: Zackery Miller-Perez and Adrian Sanchez
Vice President: Osman Castro and Felipe Vasquez
Treasurer: Patrick Okorafor and Tabitha Ford
Vita Co-Chair: Jerald Robinson

We are still looking to fill the following positions:
Secretary, Corporate Relations Chair, Marketing Chair, and Web Chair

Leadership Presentations

On April 27th at 7pm, applicants will come to present for the position for which they are applying.  All members are welcome to watch and will be voting when polls are opened.  It is critical that you attend these presentations before placing your votes.  Applicants will present on who they are, why they want the position and their goals as officer for their term.  Any applicants that have questions or concerns, please contact our president, Alexandro Sanchez at

UH-D’s One Main Event

This past Friday, PAS was invited to the One Main Event at Hotel Zaza hosted by the University of Houston – Downtown. Unfortunately, PAS did not win an award.  However, a few of our members did and we had a great time meeting the leaders of the other campus organizations.  Congratulations everyone! We thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this organization!

Congratulations goes to:

Member of the Year – Zackery Miller-Perez
Outstanding officer – Jeremy Blanchard
Member Recognition – Michael Bolden, Raquel Bobb, Bowen Shepard, Mai Abu-Kaff and Tabitha Ford

Sporting Event!

Accountants can be athletes too! Come show off your skills at our PAS sporting event this Friday April 22nd.  We will play games of dodgeball and 3 on 3 basketball!  For those of you who aren’t athletes, you can still come to show your support! This event will be a great way to get us out of the classroom and professional wear and into a relaxed atmosphere with friends.  This is also a great way to practice our teamwork with other members.  The event will take place in the UHD main campus gymnasium from 5pm-7pm on Friday, April 22nd.  Please sign-up ASAP!

UH-D Student Organization Showcase

Last Saturday, PAS attended UH-D’s block party with hopes to find our future members earlier in the college careers.  Most of our members do not join until junior or senior year and we want to provide the same opportunities to students even as Freshman and Sophomores.  The marketing team did an amazing job promoting our organization this weekend.  We thank all of you for using your Saturday to represent PAS!  We have numerous new students signed up for more information and may even broaden our members from solely accounting majors to other business majors as well.

Ongoing Events

Leadership Meetings

Every Tuesday
From 430pm-530pm
Room B240
Please email for agenda before attending.