Greetings PAS Members!

Upcoming Events

It is finally the end of the semester! Soon, a lot of you will be graduating and beginning your internships or entry level positions.  Make sure you stay a member of PAS by becoming an alumni.  Informing future students about your experience in PAS and after graduation will really benefit them and their path to success.  The Excel Work shop has been rescheduled to next semester due to the weather and upcoming finals.  Presentations for leadership applicants will be April 27th at 7pm.  Make sure to join us this day to either present or watch the applicants.  Polls will be open to everyone so it is important to come get to know the nominees. We have also begun planning for the End of Year Event.

Event Calendar

Candidate                  27th

End of  Year               16th
Spaghetti Warehouse


Leadership Presentations

On April 27th at 7pm in room B250, applicants will come to present for the position for which they are applying.  All members are welcome to watch and will be voting when polls are opened.  It is critical that you attend these presentations before placing your votes.  Applicants will present on who they are, why they want the position and their goals as officer for their term.  Any applicants that have questions or concerns, please contact our president, Alexandro Sanchez at  Elections will take place shortly after on a website that will be determined and controlled by our faculty adviser.

President: Zackery Miller-Perez and Adrian Sanchez
Vice President: Osman Castro and Felipe Vasquez
Treasurer: Patrick Okorafor, Tabitha Ford and Kevin Ly
Secretary: Rocio Maradiaga
Vita Co-Chair: Jerald Robinson

Sporting Event!

The Sporting Event was a huge success. Around 30 members and friends showed to participate in the fun.  We played a few games of dodgeball and even a game of full court basketball. Big thanks to Michael Bolden for organizing the event and congrats to your team for dominating on the B-ball court!  Check out our Facebook Page for more pictures of the fun.

End of Year Event

Mark your calendar for the Professional Accounting Society’s End of Year Event. Our end of Year of event will be an awards and recognition ceremony, where we recognize the accomplishments of our PAS members for the 2015-2016 academic year.  All officers, members, and faculty/staff advisers are encouraged to attend the dinner and awards ceremony.  Dinner will be provided by PAS! Make sure you attend because you may be one of our members that is being recognized!

Monday, April 16th
630-9 pm
Spaghetti Warehouse [map]

Excel Workshop Next Semester

Due to severe weather, the UHD campus was closed the day of the Excel Workshop.  PAS decided that because the end of the semester is quickly approaching, we would be rescheduling this for next semester.  Thank you for your understanding..

Ongoing Events

Leadership Meetings

Every Tuesday
From 430pm-530pm
Room B240
Please email for agenda before attending.