Greetings PAS Members!

Last Week’s Recap

PAS members stood out at the COB Career Fair last week! Employers were impressed that so many well-rounded students are apart of our organization. Many employers complimented PAS on our professionalism and ambition to transcend the common college student into business professionals.  RSM, one of the employers from the Career Fair, even asked some members of PAS to join them for dinner. This was a great opportunity for the organization as a whole.  RSM is now one more major Houston firm interested in the future of PAS and creating corporate relations. Thank you Andrew Krance for coordinating this opportunity as Corporate Relations Chair!

Upcoming Events

This Wednesday and Thursday we will be holding our second general meeting of the semester!  Make sure to attend to receive notable updates on PAS’ success this past month, as well as information on events we have planned for the rest of the semester.  One event to look forward to this month is the Roger CPA Strategy Presentation.  The information that will be covered during this review is extremely costly when obtaining it from other review companies.  PAS offers CPA exam strategies to you for FREE!  If anyone has any suggestions on events you would like to see PAS participate in, please email

Event Calendar

General Meeting        2nd

General Meeting        3rd

Roger CPA Review      10th


General Meeting

This week we will be hosting our second general meeting of the semester.  For those of you who have purchased a PAS polo, you will have the chance to pick them up during the meeting.  The purpose of our general meetings is to keep our members informed on the events and opportunities within PAS, the College of Business, and the community.  In addition, this is also a great time for our members to suggest ideas they may have that will be beneficial to PAS and its members. We would love to hear your suggestions! Make sure you are dressed in business casual attire or wearing your PAS Polo’s. The meetings will be held on the following days:

Wednesday, March 2nd from 12pm-1pm in room B108
Thursday, March 3rd from 7pm-8pm in room B110

CPA Exam Game Plan

Roger CPA Review will be giving a presentation on the strategy behind tackling the CPA Exam.  Topics will include scheduling sections of the exam, the time management aspect of the application process and the upcoming changes and strategy differences from the 2015-2016 version versus the 2017 version.  CPA Exam reviews can be very expensive.  PAS is offering to you the chance to learn invaluable information regarding the exam for FREE!  Join us on March 10th from 230pm-4pm in room B113 to take advantage of this golden opportunity and learn about the test we are all looking forward to PAS (pun intended)!  The event will be open to all members and non-members, however business casual wear is required.


Aramark Committee

Congratulations Rocio Maradiaga for becoming Co-Chair for the Aramark Committee.  We are excited that more members are becoming leaders within our student organization! The purpose of this committee is to fund PAS’ operations and events by generating revenue through volunteering.  Having our members volunteer a little of their time at the Rodeo this semester will allow us to fund events such as informational panels and the end of year networking event. The Rodeo begins March 1st and will last until March 20th.  Those of you who would like to support PAS by showing your dedication, send an email to with the dates you are interested in volunteering and the required forms.


Secure those Interviews!

Many of you attended the College of Business Career Fair last week with hopes to secure internships for next year.  Great job to everyone that showed up in business professional attire with approved resumes.  When attending career events and even interviews, it is always a great idea to bring a portfolio to organize your resumes and any business cards that you acquire.  Portfolios also allow you to take notes in case recruiters relay any information that you need to secure the position.  Distributing personal networking cards also is a great idea because it allows recruiters and hiring managers to find your contact information effortlessly.  After meeting anyone from the company and interviewing, you should always follow-up with an email.  This is a great way to remind them who you are and show that you are very interested in their company.  It will also help you stand out amidst other applicants competing for the same positions. PAS wishes everyone luck in securing next year’s internships and entry level positions upon graduation!

Ongoing Events

Complimentary Tax Services with VITA volunteers until April 16th:

College of Business Shea St. Building Room B213
Mondays & Tuesday 5-8pm
Wednesdays 4-7pm

Main Building Room N624
Saturdays 10-1pm

Rodeo Volunteering: March 1st – March 20th