Last Week’s Recap

We hope you have settled into the everyday life of a student and are excited for another, or your first, semester at UHD, as a member of the Professional Accounting Society. PAS had a great first week back!  Promoting our society was successful and our total membership count is almost at 150!  Please continue to promote our society to your peers so that we may continue to grow and become more beneficial to you on your path to success.  PAS also attended the student auxiliary, hosted by the Houston CPA Society, last week for the “Tales of the Trenches: Life As a Tax Accountant” panel. Not only did they learn what to expect, they were also able to network with an abundance of people in the accounting industry that are potential connections when entering the job market.  The next Student Auxiliary event will be February 12th! Continue to read our weekly emails to stay informed on other upcoming events!

Upcoming Events

This week entails getting settled into our new class schedules and PAS polo Thursday! Every Thursday we encourage all of our PAS members to wear their PAS polo’s to show support for the largest student organization at UHD. In return, we might surprise you with a small prize for participating! If you do not have a PAS polo, click here to order from our PAS store! Next week, we will hold our first general meeting where members will be able to ask questions, offer suggestions, and join a committee.  To end next week with a bang, we will also host a back to school social to allow everyone to catch up and get to know one another.  We hope to see you soon!

Kickoff Meeting

All prospective and current PAS members are invited to learn more about what makes PAS the most successful student organization on campus! At our first general meeting, you will learn all about our membership benefits and upcoming events, as well as meet the Spring 2016 executive officers and committee chairs! You will also have the opportunity to meet myriads of students like yourselves to build your network. Additionally, this is when you will learn about numerous ways to become active within the society through our 5 committees.

Back to School Social

The Professional Accounting Society will host its back to school social on Friday, February 5th at The Flying Saucer from 430pm to 630pm.  This event will allow members to meet and network with one another.  We want you to get to know PAS in a relaxed atmosphere and to casually update you on our plans for this semester.  Do not miss out on this exciting experience!

Event Address:
The Flying Saucer
705 Main St
Houston, TX 77002

Join a Committee

A committee’s intended mission is to support and assist the Executive Committee by carrying out its responsibilities to the association. With an association as large as PAS, it is necessary for each committee to take lead in keeping events organized and well promoted. By attending our first general meeting, you will have an opportunity to learn more about each committee and choose which committee you’re most interested.  We will have positions within each committee available, as well as a Chair position for our Aramark Committee.  This committee assists in generating revenue through volunteering so PAS may provide opportunities for our members to attend student conferences, workshops, and member socials.  For more information regarding the Aramark Committee Chair position, please email our secretary, Tabitha Ford, at Other PAS committee’s include: Marketing committee, Corporate Relations Committee, Web Committee and the V.I.T.A Committee.

Becker CPA Exam Review

Becker Professional Education is offering it’s 2016 Newton D. Becker Scholarship program. This program provides financial assistance to eligible individuals, based on their qualifying criteria, to prepare for the CPA exam.  Becker CPA Exam Review is one of the most popular review courses being offered.  They are even endorsed by the Big 4!  According to their website, “The Newton D. Becker Scholarship program will award over $225,000 in CPA Exam Review Scholarships, including 20 4-part courses each valued at $3,393 and over 100 scholarships each valued at $1,697.”  To learn more about these scholarships, or to apply, please click here.  Good luck to all that apply!