Greetings PAS Members!

Upcoming Events

The month of April will be a big month for PAS. We have 3 events taking place, as well as our regular general meetings.  Next week we will be holding our general meetings and your attendance to this specific meeting is critical if you would like to do more in PAS.  We will be informing you all of available leadership positions.  Join PAS on the 15th for our first ever sporting event. We will be showing off our skills in basketball and dodgeball.  Then, the last week of April we will be ending big with our Excel workshop and the visit to BKD!  The workshop will have a different instructor this semester. That being said, even if you attended last semester, it is best to take advantage of the new material that this semester has to offer. Make sure you have the visit to BKD on your calendar. PAS wants to make a great impression with the firm to secure on-campus interviewing in the future.  This would be a great opportunity for you and future members.

Event Calendar

General Meeting       4th

General Meeting        5th

One Main Event       15th
Zaza Hotel

Excel Workshop       18th

BKD Visit                   19th

Sporting Event          22th
Main Building


General Meeting

On Monday and Tuesday of next week, we will be holding our monthly general meetings.  The meetings will provide you with valuable information regarding the events taking place in April and what you need to do to prepare for these events. We will also be informing you of leadership positions available for next semester. Becoming a member was your first step to being successful. The next step would be to become a leader and become apart of something that not only enhances your skills, but provides assistance to other members to transcend them from students into business professionals.  You will also get more information on our PAS Sporting Event, Excel Workshop and the BKD firm visit. The details for the meetings are as follows:

Monday, April 4th from 12pm-1pm in room B306
Tuesday, April 5th from 7pm-8pm in room B340

Sporting Event!

Accountants can be athletes too! Come show off your skills at our PAS sporting event April 22th.  We will be playing 3 on 3 basketball and a game of dodgeball!  For those of you who aren’t the athlete type, you can still come to show your support! This event will be a great way to get us out of the classroom and professional wear and into a relaxed atmosphere with friends.  This is also a great way to practice our teamwork with other members.  The event will take place in the UHD main campus gymnasium from 5pm-7pm on Friday, April 22th.

Student Auxiliary

This Friday the Houston CPA Society is hosting another student auxiliary. Their topic this week will be over internal auditing and will take place from 6pm-8pm.  The business professionals that attend these meetings are people that work at major accounting firms.  Networking with these individuals could potentially give you great referrals and open the door for you when applying for internships and entry level positions.  What says more about your dedication and professionalism than spending your Friday night learning about the industry with CPA’s?

Houston CPA Training Facility
777 Post Oak Blvd #500
Friday, April 1st
6:00-8:00 pm

Graduation Sashes

For those of you who are graduating this semester, make sure to order your PAS graduation sash!  Showing off your sash during graduation expresses our organizations unity and pride. It is a great way to show your friends and family that you were apart of something more during your college experience. They will be available for sale beginning today, March 28th.  You can purchase your sash HERE. PAS would like to recognize those of you that are graduating.  At your convenience, please email with a brief testimonial on how PAS has helped or affected you as a member. Congratulations to everyone that is graduating!

Ongoing Events

Complimentary Tax Services with VITA volunteers until April 16th:

College of Business Shea St. Building Room B213
Mondays & Tuesday 5-8pm
Wednesdays 4-7pm

Main Building Room N624
Saturdays 10-1pm