Greetings PAS Members and Interested Members,

General Members’ Meeting This Week – Double Header!

Members, the first general members’ meeting  we will be held on Thursday, October 8, 2015; 3p-4p or 7p-8p, covering a wide range of important topics. November is PAS Recruitment Month, and your attendance to key precursory events in October is required in order for you to attend the November recruitment events, of which the calendar details will be shared only in this week’s general members’ meetings. Your attendance to one of the two aforementioned general meetings is important. Also, your Professional PAS Polos will be distributed in these meetings! Further details regarding this general members’ meeting will be provided via text message to members only. (See “PAS Professional Dress Code” below.) Not yet a member? Join PAS today!

Recognizing Our Members!

Congratulations Neel Sarkar! Neel is now our UHD Representative of the Houston CPA Society! Neel is also an active member of the Corporate Relations Committee and a leader full of initiative and drive who actively promotes the accounting students of UHD. Thank you Neel Sarkar for professionally representing UHD with the city of Houston!

Kudos to Tabitha Ford! Tabitha is the Chair of the Texans Committee! Tabitha has expressed sincere interest in the promotion of PAS and she is transforming into a respectable leader within our organization. Thank you Tabitha for your dedication and commitment to leadership! We look forward to your continued growth within the Professional Accounting Society!

Thank you Texans Volunteers! We appreciate your hard work on behalf of – and in support of –  PAS. To show our gratitude, we are hosting aTexans Volunteers’ Social just for you at Frank’s Pizza on October 15 at 3p-5p. As a result of your efforts, the Houston Texans recognized our organization for its outstanding accomplishments at NRG Stadium this year! The UHD Professional Accounting Society will be recognized on the Houston Texan’s website! Congratulations Texans Volunteers! Let’s keep up the great work! *Frank’s Pizza: 417 Travis Street, Houston, TX 77002.

Marketing Committee Information

The Marketing Committee is holding its meeting immediately following each of our general meetings this Thursday (as listed above). A  committee chair will be selected in these meetings. If you are looking for an opportunity to inspire others through your leadership, this is your opportunity. For more information, contact PAS Secretary Deniss Valero at

NABA Conference

If you have not yet registered to attend the NABA Conference, you can still register today! The Professional Accounting Society will subsidize a sizeable portion of the cost to attend the upcoming NABA Conference for a diverse group of UHD students who satisfy the requirements listed on our website. Deadline is Friday, October 9, 2015. This experience will most certainly advance your professional career. Contact PAS Vice President Jason Dawkins at for more information or visit the NABA website:

PAS Professional Dress Code

The culture of the Professional Accounting Society is, well…professional. The standard of dress required at all general meetings and for upcoming private recruiting events is – at minimum – business casual, though business professional dress is recommended. Business casual for gentlemen translates as dress-slacks, button-down top and dress tie; a suit jacket or sportcoat is optional and always preferred. For the ladies; knee length skirts or dress pants with a blouse or button-down are appropriate; dress-jackets are encouraged. The only exception to the PAS standard of dress aforementioned is if you elect to wear the PAS Professional Polo with dress-slacks or knee-length skirt. Dress for success!

Every Thursday is PAS Polo Day!

Rock your PAS polo with style. Be sure to wear your PAS Polo every Thursday! A free PAS stylus-pen will be rewarded to random members for wearing their PAS Polos on Thursdays! More cool merchandise at the Official PAS Store.

Upcoming Event!

Save the date! PAS will be hosting an Etiquette Dinner Workshop on October 22, 2015.

More information will be provided to members at the general members’ meeting October 8, 2015

(meeting information above).