Greetings PAS Members and Interested Members,

Résumé  Database

PAS membership has its advantages. We are working hard – on your behalf – to improve the opportunities of your future. That’s why we’re building a résumé database. Rather than passively waiting for an employer to locate your résumé, PAS will actively distribute your résumé to respectable organizations for you. Members, you were each assigned a qualified résumé handler from within the Corporate Relations Committee. You will receive an email today from your assigned résumé handler explaining the details of the process to acquiring your résumé. Again, this is a service offered for members only. Members, you can expect to receive your email within 24-48 hours.

Houston CPA Society Event

You’re invited to join us at the Houston CPA Society Student Auxiliary this week. Large numbers of students from UH Main, St. Thomas Univ., and Rice University routinely attend these events. The Student Auxiliary a great opportunity for you and our school to showcase its dedication and passion to the accounting industry. This week the presentation topic is “Life in a Public Accounting Firm.” This event takes place Friday Oct 2, 6:30p-8:30p. Be sure to reserve your seat by tapping the following link to RSVP. For more information through your PAS website, click here! *PAS highly encourages attendance to this event.

Study Well

The Professional Accounting Society encourages you to study well. We believe our members are the brightest, most competent students at UHD, so it’s important that our grades reflect this truth. Study well, valued members, study well. If you are not yet an active PAS member, become an engaged member today because the benefits are profound. A few days ago, PAS became aware of a networking opportunity hosted in the downtown offices of Deloitte and PwC, two of the four accounting firms that make up The Big 4. This opportunity was shared with you almost as immediately as the PAS leadership team became aware of the event. We seek to enhance your futures 24 hours a day. We are working hard for you. Be sure to take full advantage of opportunities presented to you so that you can develop into the best professional you can be.